NEDA Study

Echocardiography (echo) is heart ultrasound, the most commonly used test for cardiac structure and function in Australia. Over 900,000 echos are performed in Australia each year (Medicare Australia data), but there is no systematic method for capturing data from these echos. The newly developed National Echo Database Australia (NEDA) is already the largest echo database in the world. NEDA is designed to obtain measurement and report data, but no images, from each digital echo laboratory across Australia and transfer them to a secure database, matched against national mortality data. This broad approach to data collection will allow us to answer a series of important questions on heart disease.

Alerte Digital Health is a startup digital technology company aimed at developing wearable digital early monitoring health systems, including continuous ECG monitoring. Alerte combines sophisticated data analytics systems with high level medical expertise to produce simple, continuous monitoring systems. Prof Playford is the Medical Director of Alerte Digital Health.

Alerte Digital Health


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